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Camping Trip - May 31st-June 2nd - Gerald Freeman Campground - Braxton County WV
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Dances - Saturday, May 11th - 28th Year Anniversary - Spring Alive - Dance - DJ Randy Justice - WV State University - Wilson Union Hall - Members $8, non-members $10  NOTE:  Time Change - 8:00pm until midnight - Doors open at 7:30pm

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The Energies of Love applies principles from "energy medicine and psychology" to enhancing all relationships.   Any relationship begins with the meeting of two different energy systems.   The differences in “sensory styles” is a major focus of the program.  The energies of relationship is what leaves two people happy or miserable, frustrated or content. They are at play in all relationships: parent/child, boss/employee, and friend/friend as well as couples.  You can not make someone else think like you think, perceive the way you perceive or want what you want.   The union of energies determines the way you communicate, agree and even disagree about everything.   Learning to identify, tune into, and work with different energies to better understand and to improve all of your important relationships to achieve greater harmony and energies that support everyone.     


DONNA EDEN is the author of the book Energy Medicine (and the Energy Medicine Kit which includes a DVD & CD) and her husband, DAVID FEINSTEIN, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist.  Their web site is http://innersource.net

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