What is Speakeasy Singles?

Speak Easy Singles is a group of single men and women in Charleston WV who enjoy a wide range of outdoor and social activities such as dances, dinners, picnics, trivia, plays, ball games, movies, auctions and camping trips.

What is the age group?

There really isn’t an age group – usually the age is 30-70 but we accept all ages. !!  “I notice that everyone is in couples”.  No, Men and women are FRIENDS and sit together.  Yes, sometimes we do have a “couple” come in, but they are still single.  Just because a man and a woman are sitting together, does not make them a “couple”.

Do I have to be a member to attend events?

Membership is not required.  The dances are $10.00 per person. There is an newsletter application on-line to receive the Newsletter in print in the mail – $16.00 per year. You will receive a monthly newsletter if you pay the $16 fee every year before the beginning of the next month.

Who can I call for more information? 

SpeakEasy Singles now has Google voice mail – the calendar will not be posted on the voice mail – this is to leave messages if you have questions – leave a voice message or send a text message with your questions about the club or activities and a board member will return your call.  Your voicemail with be forwarded via email to board members!!  The new number is 304-805-4109.