Soup & Games – Thank you ladies for sponsoring this event and all the hard work you put into making it a success!!

  • Kelli – February 2018

Soup & Games – Fun to watch the games and food was delicious! Yummy!!

  • Patricia – February 2018

Board Meeting – January 2018 –  I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Lots of information to process and understand but that will come with time. Thank you to everyone for making me feel welcomed. I hope to see you soon.

  • Karen – January 2018

A huge bow to Nancy, Connie and their crew for the SES dance Saturday night. Those two ladies and others volunteer did a lot of work and time  making it a success. The decorations were awesome and the food was delicious. Food was delicious.   Dancing Dave was the DJ. Great music. I think everyone had a great time. I know I sure did. Thanks to all who worked on the dance. We who don’t tell you guys enough that we appreciate your hard work.  We do.

  • Donnie – December 2017

It was a really nice dance!!  I really appreciate all of the hard work everyone put in to make it so nice!  It was a great dance!!  Was glad everyone liked the tree!!    WE had fun — and thanks again!!!

  • Suzanne – December 2017

Enjoyed the music tonight. Hope to be at New Year’s dance

  • Leroy – December 2017

YOU missed a PERFECT gathering! HUGE thanks to Vicky & Lana for sponsoring! About 30 folks enjoyed a TON of homemade food, Karaoke, dancing, horse shoes, LCR and socializing! Perfect weather, perfect conversations! 

Christmas Dinner Party/Gift Exchange – It was awesome – excellent job!!

  • Susan – December 2017

New to the group. Had a great time. Food was good. Everyone was so friendly and certainly loved the prizes! Thank you all for your hard work. It was so worth it. Looking forward to the next event.

  • Catherine – December 2017

YOU missed a PERFECT picnic! HUGE thanks to Vicky & Lana for sponsoring! About 30 folks enjoyed a TON of homemade food, Karaoke, dancing, horse shoes, LCR and socializing! Perfect weather, perfect conversations! 

  • Nancy – September 2017

SpeakEasy Single picnic at historic Dunbar WineCellar Park, good friends, karaoke, dancing , games and food

  • Pat – September 2017

Footloose Musical @ Grandview – Wanted everyone to know the play Footloose is really good it is playing at the outdoor theatre at Grandview in Beckley. Went with a group of about 20 people from the Speakeasy Singles group went to eat at Pasquale’s ( good food ). So I just wanted to thank Vicky for sponsoring and planning this outing. Also thanks to Jerry and Lana for the ride I did appreciate it and hope I didn’t talk too much ( as I said I don’t get to talk to people who are over the age 4 very often 😅😅😅😅 ) So Thanks Again.

– Tinker – June 2017

I-EAT – Pizza & Brownie in a Cup – I had fun.

– Marion – June 2017

Fujiyama Dinner – I really enjoyed meeting new friends!!!!!

– Joan – December 2016

Great Christmas dance at SpeakEasy Single! Great job everyone!

– Rose – December 2016

Very nice time my first time but not my last . Had a wonderful time meet some wonderful people and the music was very good

– Leonard – August 2016

Thank’s for having these i am still kinda new at this only my 3rd one , but i have a GREAT TIME !! and meet a lot of VERY NICE people !!!

– Bob – August 2016

Nice time at the Anchor with my “SpeakEasy SingleGroup of friends,”private party” for a “Super Bowl Celebration, watching the game together,” no alcohol,” clean, honest, old fashion fun… fun, with good friends sharing stories, delicious brownies, cupcakes and pizza.

 – Deborah – February 2015

Thanks for all the hard work, the room was beautiful (New Year’s Eve Dance).

– Gary – December 2015

I want to say  the last two dances (Christmas Dance at Columbia Gas & New Year’s Eve Dance at YMCA) have been the best I have attended!!

– Don – December 2015

Thank you Michele for sponsoring the SpeakEasy Singles Bonfire/Picnic in Teays Valley Acres on Sunday!! And thanks for making most ot the food, hot soups, sandwiches, and desserts!! A fun time was had by all!!! I know I had a great time!!! The food was great!! The music was great!! The games were great!! The bonfire was …… well, hot!! And the company was spectacular!! Thanks Connie !!!!! and Vicky and whoever else helped with the food!! Thanks to Dave for the music and Karaoke!! And last but not least thanks to the guys for keeping the bonfire blazin’!! Hope I didn’t forget anyone!! THANKS!!

– Kelli – October 2015

Had lots of fun.

– Marsha – September 2015

I had a good time at picnic meeting friends and doing the grilling.

– Allen – September 2015

Had a wonderful time at the dance last  Saturday !

–  Buffy – September 2015

Had a great time at the dance Saturday night!

–  Paula – September 2015

I had a great time at the dance Saturday night found some good friends.

– Allen – September  2015

Board Members:  I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this wonderful group. it is because of you all that we can go and have so much fun.  

– Gary – June 2015

We had a great time last night at the Hatfields & McCoys Outdoor Drama at Grandview.  Glad we went.
– Lana – August 2014

Hatfield and McCoy Outdoor Drama at Grand View State Park. We enjoyed a rain free performance.

– Marion – August, 2014

Had a great time with the group this weekend. i felt quite at home in just a few minutes. Love to receive the newsletter.  Thanks again.

 – Scott – June 2014

Thanks for adding me to the faceook page.  We see you occasionally at Marmet, but last night was the first time we came to the singles dance (my friend Angie and I) and we really enjoyed it. Great food, great atmosphere, and great dancing. Even if we weren’t dancing, we were sitting there enjoying it. We plan on coming more often !! Thanks again !!!

– Debbie – May 2014

Thanks Howard for everything! What a great group of singles to hang out with….having a great time with Speakeasy!

– Leigh – March 2014

Valentine’s Dance  Video – I had fun last night. I was in all most every dance on here.  All single people this is a great place to gather.    The dance is on the second Saturday each month.

– Shantel – February 2014

Thursday Dinner – Everyone was so nice and friendly! Thank you for the great welcome!

– Sarah – February 2014

The Halloween dance was so much fun. I had a great time. Thanks again SpeakEasy Singles for all your hard work putting this together for us!!

– Debbie – October 2013

Great Halloween Costume Party Pictures !!!! Thanks !!, Dance was fun, and everyone had a great time.

– Dolores – October 2013

Charleston Dop Wop & Car Show – It was the BEST fireworks ever, for me!!! I danced a bit.

– Nancy – October 2013

Thursday Dinner at Cracker Barrel -We had a wonderful time! Thanks you so much for having us.

– Cyndy – October 2013 

Camping 2013 – I had a wonderful time camping at Gerald Freeman this weekend with my friends.  I cannot wait until we come back.  It was my friend Dora’s first time camping

– Shantel – June 2013

Camping 2013 – I am so fortunate to have friends–both new and going back several years–in Charleston’s SpeakEasy Singles group. This weekend they not only sponsored a great camping trip with delicious food and enjoyable company; they also shared yard sale ‘taxi service,’ sleeping space in a tent, an air mattress (with sheets had I not brought my own), and the loan of a swimsuit! Thanks to all, especially Bob, Nancy, Howard and Vicky. What a super bunch of folks! I encourage you to check out their FB page if you’re single and looking for a variety of social activities to ‘broaden your horizon’. I guarantee they’ll make you feel welcome. 

– Kat – June 2013

Bowling – I really appreciate how friendly everyone was, I have been widowed for 5 years and don’t get out with other singles very much.

– Lisa  – May 2013

Sounds like a FANTASTIC club! Someplace for singles to go and have fun and enjoy themselves!

– Nancy – April 2013

 I have made good friends through this group and every time we get together, we always have fun and meet nice and interesting people!

– Vicky –  January 2013

A very nice easy going group…made me feel comfortable. Thanks!

–  Jerry –  November, 2013

 I think this is great group to meet singles in the area who enjoy meeting new people and would like to go out.

– Bob – October 2013

 I’ll just restate again what I’ve said before: SpeakEasy Singles is awesome. Thanks for making this young at heart guy feel accepted. ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ Rock on! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

– Mark – October, 2013

Comedy Zone – Was a great evening full of laughter!!! An evening with friends & acquaintances laughing together…how much better could you spend an evening!! Thanks Vicky for sponsoring this!

– Pat – February 2013 

Cass Scenic Railroad – Thank you so much!!  Wow what a great trip!!!!!!

– Nancy L – October 2012 

I recently moved back to Charleston. I was in the group – 13 + years ago! I  am glad to be back home and hope to get involved!

– Pam – September 2012

Singles Dances – I love the singles dances. and have a great time.  There is always a variety of group, couples and  line dancing and great Halloween Costume Party Dance.  A lot of fun in a safe non-alcoholic, non-drinking environment.

– Keith – August 2012

Ramps & Rails Festival – Thanks to Vicky for all her hard work planning the Ramps & Rails trip. It was a great day! 

– Kat – May 2012

Carter Caves Camping Trip – The camping trip was great – group cooking, horseback riding and caving.  We had a fantastic weekend with Speakeasy Singles.

– Heather – May 2012